Live Q&A between staff and students

Social Media could be used to stage a live Q&A between staff and prospective students. A certain date and time could be set (much like a webinar) and students could post their questions on Facebook or Twitter (maybe using hashtags) and the relevant member of staff could instantly write their reply. Questions could be about the courses, the application process, or even financial help etc.

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QR Code

Students decode QR codes with QR reader on smartphones with learning criteria tagged, research then post to open social media sight, e.g. Subject specific blog Or learners create their own QR codes with self made YouTube clips.

Learners engage and promotes independent learning.

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Teaching complex information via YouTube

I use YouTube to explain difficult concepts to students. This way, students view the information BEFORE the lesson and can watch it as many times as they like before the lesson. Then, in the lesson, we can concentrate on addressing any problems and can work on the APPLICATION of the knowledge rather than the TRANSMISSION of the knowledge.

This is one of the tutorials looking at subordinate adverbial clauses:

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How Higher Education Uses Social Media Infographic

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It’s about the conversation

For me social media is about the conversation. The ability to communicate, share and collaborate without the constraints of time and geography.

From a learning perspective the wealth of curated information, content and links I get through social media means that learning stops been about finding stuff and becomes about using stuff.

Social media is not about reading everything, it is about dipping into the stream of ideas, content and information as it passes you by.

Reminded of this article I wrote on my blog how Twitter (and thus other social media) is about the coffee, well the conversations we have over coffee.

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Benefits of social media

One of the benefits of social media, as a Learning Technologist is the development of transferable, life skills such as writing, publishing, self-editing, peer editing and virtualisation of work.

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Social Media

Some ideas…

Promote open days

Show current work – you tube videos

Day in the life of a student – dismiss myths and rumours about college

Tweet reminders about deadlines and important information

Allow prospective students to ask questions/get information without having to ask in front of a class or phone up


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