Benefits of Social Media

Social media appears to be the next frontier of providing information and advice to potential learners and offers the opportunity to address two of IAG’s biggest issues.

1). Being able to present information to learners in the the format that will encourage it to be viewed.

2). The potential to acquire honest, up to date feedback on the real-life experiences learners are having with your services.

The fears with social media seem to mirror to some extent the fears that you see with some managers when a large scale collection of feedback is undertaken. Negativity will exist, but it offers the opportunity to correct inaccuracies and to review current working practises.

The key however is not to overreact to the individual responses, but get an idea of the general trend of feeling towards the organisation.

A good case study of this is UCAS, who have invested in social media to the extent that they purposefully push their customers to social media to answer common problems. They also look to utilise their twitter account to proactively resolve problems.


About davefoord

Dave is an experienced FE and HE lecturer, who during his years of teaching (at Loughborough College), developed and perfected many techniques for providing high quality, innovative, and differentiated learning. Some of his best known work is in the area of ILT (e-learning) - using technology to enhance the learning experience. It is in this area that he has considerable experience and knowledge, and has received National recognition for his practical understanding and skills in this area of work. Dave has run over 1000 staff development sessions on over 100 different learning and teaching topics at Loughborough College, The University of Derby and since going free-lance. All of his sessions are very active, engaging sessions using a variety of different techniques.
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